The Mama's Birds Performing Arts Youth Organization was founded in April 2011 by singer, songwriter, actress, performer and recording artists, SandyRedd.  The program, in honor of her late mothers memory, was specifically designed to help nurture the gifts that your child either has or would like to develop, while educating them on what to look forward to within the entertainment industry. So even though it’s not designed to create superstars overnight, it was created to provide a solid foundation and platform for the youth to blossom as a performer, whether by hobby or by trade, while having a fun, interactive and healthy way of approaching it.

The summer classes also provide an all-inclusive format that is purposely constructed to bread multi-talented individuals.  Our program creates an environment that allows our youth to challenge themselves beyond their own limits and to discover other untapped talents that they were otherwise unaware of.  So for just $4 per hour all students enrolled in the program will receive the following services:

            SINGING LESSONS              DANCE LESSONS


            STUDIO SESSIONS               PHOTO SHOOTS


            CASH EARNED                     FINALE SHOWCASES & MORE

The 2018 summer  program begins June 26th and registration is now open.  For more information or to schedule a registration appointment, please call 708-439-6881 or email


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